If you are new to dancing Salsa and Bachata, or just new to our school, don’t worry you are in good hands. Find bellow the most common questions asked and don’t hesitate to call us if you still need more help
Yes, you must book your classes. You can book just one or as many as you want and you don’t need to pay any monthly fee or subscription.

For the solo dance lessons you don’t need to bring a partner. For the “Bubble Couple Lessons”  you must come with your own partner and you will not change partners or be in contact with any other dancer but your own partner.

No special clothes or shoes are needed. Advanced students usually wear dance shoes as they are regular dancers but if you are starting in the beginner’s class simply wear comfortable normal shoes or even trainers if you prefer.

No, we organise drop-in classes so you can join us at any time. Students spend several weeks attending to the same level until they progress to the next one. We strongly recommend to follow your instructor’s advice to choose your level.
We teach Cuban Salsa and Cross Body Salsa also known as LA Style or Salsa On1. We also teach Bachata. Most of our Bachata lessons are a fusion of Traditional Bachata, Modern Bachata and or Sensual Bachata and occasionally we organise specific workshops.
We have a full section with videos dedicated to answer this question, please find out here

While we recommend to bring your own drinks or water to our outdoors lesson or all the lessons organized at the Church Halls we use, ANY DRINKS, FOOD OR WATER FROM OUTSIDE ARE NOT ALLOWED at any of the Bars and Clubs where we run our lessons and parties. Salsateca Dance School aims to bring Latin culture to London since 1992, organizing lessons and Latin nights in nice venues where you can socialize and have a nice drink while you learn how to dance. Please remember is all about the music, dance, meet people, have a drink and a great time. In the same way that you wouldn’t bring your own sandwich or water to the table of a restaurant respect the venue rules and keep etiquette.

In line with current regulations, you will have to come with your dance partner. In this class you won’t switch partners, you will only dance with the partner you come with and keep social distance with the rest of dancers.


* Please understand that this is a rough time estimation. It will vary depending on your personal commitment, musicality, attendance, regularity and extra practice.


Don't hesitate to ask us and we will be happy to assist you

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