One of the questions we get asked most often is, “what is the difference between Cuban Salsa and Cross Body Salsa and Bachata?” We’ll explain it here in a simple way for Beginner Dancers, but be warned, this is a deep topic that can be as delicate as talking about religion or politics! Nowadays, almost everyone who dances Salsa, also dances Bachata. They’re the “tequila and lime” of any Latin Party. Just as Latin America is famous for its many delicious flavours, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Cumbia are just some of the “spices” that make the Latin atmosphere unforgettable.


Cuban | Cross Body | Son

Musically, Salsa has it’s origins in rhythms like Rumba, Son, Chachacha and Mambo. It’s a beautiful, sensual and energetic dance executed with a mixture of steps, body movement and fun turn patterns. Just as English sounds slightly different if you’re in Scotland or America or Australia, different styles of salsa also have their own “accents”. The basic structure will look similar to a beginner, but the more you immerse yourself, the richer the differences become. For instance, Cuban Salsa and Cuban Son have more rounded transitions compared to the more linear Cross Body Salsa (also known as LA style or Salsa on 1). Cross Body and Cuban Salsa are both danced with the emphasis on the first beat, whereas Cuban Son emphasises the second. These differences give each style their own unique flavour and ensure there’s a style to suit all tastes and moods

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Traditional | Modern | Sensual

Bachata is a dynamic and romantic dance originated in the Dominican Republic. Nowadays danced in 3 main styles, sometimes combined within the same song. The Traditional Dominican style can look more vibrant and use quicker steps, while the Modern Bachata has more turn patterns and the Sensual Bachata is much more mellow and wavy. Our regular lessons combine all three styles and occasionally we organise specific lessons or workshops.

All Salsa and Bachata styles can be danced solo or with a partner. In fact, we recommend that you take some solo dance lessons before you jump into partner dance in order to become comfortable with your own rhythm, steps and body movement. Even if you’re an advanced dancer, learning to dance on your own will enrich your style, your feel for the music, and the overall experience when you dance with a partner. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions we are currently only offering “bubble couple” lessons, where you must come with your own partner and maintain a safe distance from other dancers. Once the restrictions are lifted, we’ll go back to our usual mixed classes where you’ll get to dance with a variety of partners. Nowadays you can dance Salsa and Bachata in many clubs across London and in most major cities worldwide. Dancing Salsa and Bachata will improve your social skills, confidence, and fitness. It has changed people’s lives and now it’s about to change yours!


Everyone is welcome to join us in experiencing the pleasure of dancing!

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