He is the founder of SALSATECA. Establishing it in the early 1990s Elder developed SALSATECA into one of the main Salsa teaching schools in London, becoming a recognised figure in the Salsa scene.

Having taught thousands of students, including many of today’s established salsa teachers and performers, Elder has undoubtedly been a major driving force behind developments in the Latin American dance and music world in London. He contributed to Salsa being recognised as a rhythm by one of the main dancing associations in Britain, The United Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance, on 22 November 1998. This firmly established the Salsa and Merengue dances as Latin American dances in London. The UKA launched a committee of five members, Nelson Batista, Paul Harris, Elder Sanchez, Xihomara Granados and Ansell Chezan, and presented them with the Fellowship Certificate.

In 2002 Elder was awarded the UK Salsa Lifetime Achievement Award by The UK International Salsa Congress in recognition of his ‘outstanding contribution to the growth of Salsa in the UK through his excellent instruction, promotion and inspirational dancing’.

Elder has promoted numerous events and taught at many venues in the UK and Europe. He is renowned for his precise technique of teaching and event organisation.

Elder has been actively promoting both local and international bands of the Latin American music world. These include Tito Gomez, Gran Combo, Lebron Brothers, Canario, Timbaito, Roberto Pla and Palenke as well as Carnival de Cuba.

Elder has featured in a number of articles that focused on the “Salsa phenomenon”. These include articles in The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Punter, Nine to Five, Health and Fitness, Straight No Chaser, The Sunday Mirror and various Latin American publications.

Elder has co-written and presented Dance workshops for radio (Spring 1996) and has taken part in Everybody Salsa and Radio 3.

Elder has made several television appearances both in interviews and performing Salsa including in programmes such as Capital Woman, Super size me-Super Skinny, Man Up, The James Whale Show, The Big Breakfast, Ch4, Granada Television, Sky and Cable TV.

As well as being involved in the production of six of his own DVDs, Elder has also featured in the filming of Salsa scenes in two British films ‘Elephant Juice’ and ‘Janice heard 45 wpm’, released in 1999.


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