Dancing is Femeto´s life passion. He grew up on the African streets , dancing all day long, forgetting about hunger or thirst. Dancing was all he had and what he knew best.

He often says that the feeling you have when you dance, can’t
even be described in words. Dancing is like a drug that creates addiction, you
carry it in your blood, it flows deep through your veins and you want to share
with others! Dance is freedom and vibration at high intensity!

15 years ago he discovered salsa and he wouldn’t have thought that there was something so amazing, it was love from the first moment he heard the music!

He was introduced to the art of Salsa dance, and then he found
another world that captivated him.

Learning step by step, after a while he became an instructor,
and encouraged by a friend, they started their own show.

Not long after he became part of the great Salsateca team, which
helped him to assert himself and put him in the right place. Now you can find him teaching Salsa Cross Body and Bachata at Bromley Civic Center or El Bembe Salsa and Bachata Party.


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