Salsateca Dance School - Miho Mija Shigematsu


Miho Mija Shigematsu



Salsa, Bachata, Chachacha and Merengue Instructor

Choreographer and Performer

A Salsa Dance Instructor with over 15 years of experience, with a background in various dances such as Ballet, Jazz, Samba and Yoga. Teaching for SALSATECA since 2004.

In her classes, she is a patient and passionate teacher. With her ability to analyze moves and break down techniques, she can make the hardest class engaging and easy to follow.

Miho has a degree in Education and is a highly-trained teacher. She is also certified in Exercise to Music (Aerobics) and Reflexology. Her teaching skills and understanding of body and mind are fully applied in her Salsa classes to maximize students' progress.

Miho founded THE MAWU-LISA LATIN DANCE COMPANY (formerly known as THE SALSATECA DANCE TEAM) in 2007 with another highly respected Salsa teacher Cliff Joseph. The group performed internationally and nationally at various dance congresses and venues including West End Live. The Salsateca Dance Team became a finalist in the 1st Latin Pulse UK Open in 2011. 

She also performs with other dancers and groups. She competed at the World Latin Dance Cup in 2012 as a member of a Japanese group MAMBOCCHA and won the 8th place in the Salsa Team Pro Division. In recent years, she has been training under two of the best Mambo dancers in the world, Adolfo Indacochea (Peru/NY/Italy) and Tania Cannarsa (Italy) and performs in Adolfo & Tania's Team.