Salsateca Dance School - Manu Ramos


Manu Ramos




Salsa, Chachacha and Merengue Instructor

Choreographer, Performer and Dj

Born in Perú, Manu grew up in Spain and his passion for music started with '70's Salsa Dura which he used to listen to as a child. Manu started to dance when he was seventeen years old starting with Cuban style before moving on to crossbody On1 and then Mambo. He is self taught, simply through watching other people dance and then laterly, he studied with some of the best teachers and dancers in the world including Frankie Martinez and Eddie Torres. He has been dancing for seventeen years, teaching for fourteen and DJing for thirteen. His first 'serious' performing began in 2010 with the name Sabor & Bembé and has performed at major congress events in Europe and Here in London like Dj and Dancer. His passion is teaching Salsa and play music because he loves to expand the Culture of Salsa and help the people to enjoy and understand properly the dance, music and culture of Mambo and Salsa.

Manu joined the Salsateca Team recently and you can find him teaching Salsa and as a Dj ever y Tuesday and the last Friday of the month in Bromley.